From the 'Residuals' series.

 Exposed, 2014, 9.5' x 8' (x 3"),acrylic paint, tempera, graphite and ink, paper, wood, tape, casters

Stutter, 2014, 8' x7'( x 5"),acrylic paint, tempera, graphite and ink, paper, wood
Slow Sliding, 2014, 5'.4"x 7", acrylic paint, ink, paper and wood

 Sticky Swishing, 2014, 6.5'x 6.5', acrylic paint, tempera, graphite and ink, paper

 The 'Residuals' series are partly painted, partly collaged works, speaking with the language of peeling paint and ripped off posters. So far they feel like my most urban works, definitely a result of accumulated daily impressions of my neighborhood in Brooklyn, subways, parts of Manhattan and observations of occurrences in nature.
 They contemplate the slow break down of our environment by natural forces and the human lack of interest (or funds) forming a new type of landscape or object, a different aesthetic.
As I am mostly reusing tired and worn out paper of my old drawings, allowing the occasional rips and adding another layer to the 'residuals' idea.
Thank you "Open Studio's"-visitor for giving me a great title for "Stutter'. I am very sorry I forgot your name. 

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